Kung Hei Fat Choi!!

Every time I get a message that there's a holiday somewhere in the world, I always feel like I live in the wrong country.  Or maybe, I just work for the wrong company.

It's Chinese New Year and you know that it's a holiday for most Asian countries.  They get extra days off to celebrate their New Year - - but we don't.  Our colleagues in Hong Kong have New Year's Day off as well because they are run and operated by an American corporation - so they get the best of both worlds.

Our Canadian counterpart also celebrate more holidays that us.  They celebrate Boxing Day for crying out loud.  And yet, they also get to celebrate our Christmas holidays.  It's unfair!

Didn't mean to vent.  I just want more days off that's all.  We get a total of six holidays a year.  Our European colleagues get six weeks of vacation to start.... tell me if I'm bitter.  :)

Calling on ALL Airlines with lanes to Brazil.....

I got a call the other day from a buddy of mine with whom I've traveled to Brazil with before.

He goes,

"The fares are so expensive!!!  And I don't have any more miles I can use.  How can we go to Brazil this year with the dollar being so low and the fares being so high?" 
I go,

"Well, if the fares don't go down before we go there in June, I am not going.  I would sacrifice my traditional yearly visit to Brazil just because they are overcharging on the fares!!  When I first visited Rio, the fare was $550.00 USD.  Now, they charge up to the ridiculous amount of $1,750.00???  Who are they kidding?!"

I have been so spoiled since my first trip to Brazil in 2007.  I have gone to Brazil every year since then.  But, then again.. how can I?  Can you take a look at these guys?  Would you pay a high fare to go to Brazil?